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We love KOFU☆

My name is Sao and I am in Japan as a exchange student.

As s part of series of activities sponsored by Kofu City, I alongside with 7 other reporters from International College of Liberal Arts went on a exploring day of Kofu City. During the trip, we had the chance to visit a Strawberry Farm, pick up and eat strawberry. Moreover, we also visited the Kofu Kyotoh Clean Center and witnessed the trash disposal and classification process. Also, we got to experience Onsen and explore the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archeology. Overall, the trip was very eye-opening, and very impressive.

The part that I was impressed the most during the one-day trip was the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archeology. As an introduction to this museum, it is considered as a center facility of Kai Fudoki-no-Osa/ Sonekyuryo Park.  The main theme of the museum is the showcase of the history of Yamanashi throughout most of its archeological specimens, including: pottery, clay vessels, figures of ancient people, the ground and river maps.

On the west side of the museum, there are many ancient monuments of Kai-kofu, such as mounded tombs like Choshizuka, Maruyamazuka, and Kankanzuka, and Uenodaira. Most of the square tombs are surrounded by ditches, all of which are kept suitable for visitors. Visitors can go up to the top of the mounded tomb, and understand the feeling of the ancient leader alongside with a panoramic view of Kofu. We all climb up to the tombs and enjoy the scenery as well as taking pictures and have a wonderful time.